A chatty update: fobbing you off with excuses

Once again I have become distinctly absent from my blog. I tend to write and edit in the evenings as this is the only time of day available to be vaguely productive but in all honesty recently I get to bed as soon as I can and since day one Wolfie has been on the boob all evening so there’s only so much editing to be done with one hand anyway. Its not even that I’m just tired I am fully emotionally exhausted from not really coping at all with being a mum to two. I needn’t repeat anything from my last post about that but Taormina’s behaviour is far from improving, she wakes around eight times a night now, she cries what feels like all day and to get through the struggles I keep trying to convince myself that this ‘phase’ will end soon.

So in other news, my biggest fan Becky (I bet you’re reading this) kind of reminded me that I should probably do a blog post before my Poppy Reflects ceases to exist entirely. I have a few in the pipeline and I must, must, must do an update on both Wolfie and Taormina as I’d hate to miss their development as it’s what I so enjoy looking back on. Also moving on from wanting to travel as a family and simplify our lives I have been working on a few things at home including decluttering, rebudgeting and focusing on health which I will be posting lots about soon.

I do have some exciting news that I’m also a bit on the nervous side about as it doesn’t come naturally to me but we are going to start family vlogging soon so keep an eye out for that. I can’t stand the sound of my own voice (or look of my own face most days for that matter) but Dan and I are really keen to start documenting what I feel will eventually bring about a lot of change in our lives. Only tonight I’ve been looking at videos of Taormina over the last year and am so shocked how much she has changed I can’t wait to capture whole days of her and all of her many adventures. I love seeing how children enjoy the simple things in life and the raw emotion of them and we want to remember it all.

My husband Dan is also starting up his own blog Dan’s the Word so be sure to visit his page and give it some love.

That’s me all chatted out for now but I promise I will be back soon with some actual content!


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