February Favourites

Cowshed Cow Herb Restoring Hand Cream

This smells like it says on the tube, herby and with a lovely fresh Lavender scent to it. My hands are always cracked and bleeding at this time of year and I use an intensive hand cream throughout the day. I tend to use this Cowshed hand cream as a little luxury after my shower and in the evening as it is very relaxing and leaves my hands soft without the oily thickness of my other hand creams. I got this hand cream in a set as it is a little expensive on its own but great if you want to treat yourself or as a gift.

Cowshed Blissful Cow Body Lotion

I have to admit this isn’t my favourite scent as I don’t know why but I just am not a fan of Rose at all. However the essential oils in this product and strong scent really pick me up after a shower. Having two young children I never have much time so I can slap a bit of this on and smell like I’ve come fresh from the spa. Cowshed have loads of different scents and this one claims to be rebalancing which I thought was very appropriate for a cold and intense January.

Lush Sugar Scrub

I decided to give this a try when picking up some bath bombs recently. It is quite rough and does a great job at exfoliating the body and all that winter skin. It is activated by water so its best to store out of the shower or in a little pot. I generally use the Grounded loose coffee scrub which I love but haven’t had a chance to buy recently so if you’re looking for a body scrub either of these products are great buys.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

I’m always on the search for the perfect foundation! Have I found it? I’m not sure but not by fault of this Magic foundation; more from the fact I don’t moisturise my face and never use a foundation brush. They are two things I really need to invest in but why oh why are these things so expensive! I decided to try this foundation as I’m keen on going cruelty free with my makeup and skincare and this is a vegan product. It also has rave reviews and I’ve already tried most foundations on the market it seems. I find Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic foundation to have fantastic buildable coverage and it doesn’t sink into pores. If applied well it gives a good flawless base but I find it a little hard to blend in while slapping it on with one hand and putting the next episode of Peppa Pig on for a screaming toddler in the other. I really liked the effect of the Magic powder over the top so may invest in that when I next need one to complete the look.


Sweaty Betty Chandrasana Reversible Yoga Leggings

I am so in love with these leggings. I mean they have goats on, come on! Who wouldn’t want to wear goat leggings to the gym? Being pretty overweight and breast feeding my eyes rarely even glance at clothes. I long for a day where I can see something I like and buy it not having to think about buying for my shape (namely a frigging huge arse). But when I was doing my fourth lap of the shopping centre trying to get Taormina to sleep in the pram these caught my eye through the shop window and I darted in to stroke them before Dan had even noticed I’d gone. They’re pretty pricey so I mentioned maybe he’d like to get me them for Christmas as it’s not a purchase I could justify for myself. Does anyone else get huge guilt buying themselves anything but justify things for the children easily? He said no, boooo! So after Christmas and my Birthday I used my Birthday money from grandparents to buy them and what a treat. They currently are far too small though as I intend on shrinking and want to get some serious wear out of them so didn’t see much point buying my current postpartum size. Anyway, they are beautiful, so soft and have snazzy mesh panels for an edge (if goats weren’t enough obviously). They are also reversible to a solid black in case you want to tone it down one day or match a bright top. The current reviews online are all five stars for different types of workout and they past the non see through test

Limited Edition Rose Gold Fitbit Charge 2

This was my Christmas present from Dan this year and it arrived on the day as an “I owe you a Fitbit, its in the post” card! But when it did arrive I was so excited by how beautiful it is. I wanted something to help me focus on my motivation to get back to fitness after having my baby boy in early December. The Fitbit Charge 2 is a fitness tracker wristband that tracks your daily steps, sets of stairs, heart rate, sleep and even offers guided breathing sessions. The app that runs alongside the Fitbit is fantastic and you can record your personal stats, goals and food diary as well as doing different challenges against friends. It’s not as easy as I thought to get 10000 steps a day but it totally motivates me to get moving and get those steps in. I don’t even have to try to walk up ten floors a day as I have so many stairs in my house it’s always at least double.

I don’t wear my band every day, just days I know I am out and about and at least a few days a week to keep on track. So far I’m finding it really useful but am really looking forward to using it as I resume my more intense workouts very soon and I’ll be posting a full review soon so watch out for that once I’ve put it through its paces a little more. As for the colour I would have gone for blackout of the original colours but I’m a pastel girl and mix that with rose gold and it was a winner. I love how my Fitbit looks and I think that’s important as it’s always on your wrist!

Wilko Fluffy Grey Blanket

Oh yes the background of my photos is indeed a favourite itself. I got this throw from my nan for Christmas (she gets the best presents) and it is literally the softest thing ever. So cosy, so channeling my inner hygge with this and a candle in the evenings.


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