Wolfie’s Four Month Update

Reflux, smiles, PND and milestones.

I am sad that I have not been writing Wolf Cubs updates but I can’t dwell on that as the first few months of his life have been a little cloudy for me and I’m ready to get back on track now with all of his firsts and everything in between.

I must start by saying that Wolfie is such a gorgeous boy, he has the most lovely disposition and is inherently happy almost all of the time. The only thing that seems to upset him is his reflux of Taormina poking him too much but he’s started squealing to tell her off now which is way too cute. Their bond is beautiful and although he’s still only a little nipper the way they interact and laugh at each other is priceless. We are starting to see Wolf Cubs cheeky side and I’m so intrigued to watch this develop.

Weight: Wolfie weighs 12lb 7 and has dropped a couple of centiles from when he was born. We are seeing a paediatrician in a few days regarding this as we have been backwards and forwards from the doctors a lot and we need to investigate a little more as I seem to have plenty of milk.

Routine: I would have liked to say we have a loose one by this point but in reality we don’t other than I like him to have a longish nap in the afternoon the same time as Taormina. He feeds when he fancies, he doesn’t really have a bedtime and he naps quite a bit which is good. I think I will start trying to implement more of a routine when he turns six months and right now I’m so exhausted by Taormina to concentrate to much on anything else.

Feeding: Since my last update Wolfie’s weight gain has started to slow down a lot and my initial thought was that I didn’t have enough milk but it seems to be that is not the problem which is at least something. He will seem satisfied between day feeds, finish a feed by himself and go a few hours occasionally. I’m fortunate to hold a fair amount of knowledge about breastfeeding so I can nip common issues in the bud although Wolfie is still challenging me, the doctor, health visitor and lactation consultant to find out just why his weight gain is poor. We have seen a paediatrician for his suspected silent reflux and to see if there is anything else going on while continuing with his medication. The paediatrician has now moved him from ranitidine to omeprozole which is even more of a nightmare to give but I’m praying it makes him feel better soon. The doctor also said that it isn’t silent reflux, it’s very real reflux and the poor boy is indeed in frequent pain. So whilst feeding isn’t perfect we both love it and I will continue as long as I possibly can. It would be a dream to carry on until he is two! He has started clamping down and wrenching his head back which is extremely painful so until this habit is out of the way please don’t grow any teeth Wolf boy.

Sleeping: At night he is pretty consistent. Consistent in the sense that he wants the boob in his mouth all night in an ideal world. I will be able to sneak to the other side of the bed sometimes but it’s rare. When anybody asks how many times he wakes my honest answer is I don’t know. I know I roll over and switch him sides multiple sides in the night when he moans but I’m not sure when as I hardly wake. We have bad nights when he’s in pain and will intermittently squirm and scream throughout the night but ultimately I’m far less sleep deprived than I was with Taormina who would take three hours of screaming whilst I rocked her to get her to sleep. She would then wake up and not go back to sleep. I have started putting Wolfie down for naps in his sleepyhead which was going really well until we went to Center Parcs and he spent the whole week in the sling. This boy knows when he’s onto a good thing. I’m trying to get back on track with putting him down so that I can spend some time with Taormina and do washing etc.

Sizes: Wolfie mainly wears 3-6 months but he’ll still wear the occasional 0-3 and 6-12 months as I try and get as much use out of everything as possible. He is in size 3 nappies and still pretty long although he’s possibly lost a little height now that his weight is not following the same centile.

Milestones: I’m not entirely sure but think he laughed between 8-10 weeks. There’s never a sound quite as satisfying as your children laughing is there. He first officially rolled all the way over front to back on 20th March (excuse dates but I want to record as I’ve not done him a book). I was really shocked as I have it in my head he will do everything around the same time as Taormina did; despite being the first person to always say that all babies are different. He then rolled back to front a couple of days afterwards. Taormina was never that fussed about getting anywhere but Wolfie is intent on getting to whichever toy is out of his reach.

Mummy Updates

Mind: I’ve really struggled these past few months, as much as I tried not to let everything get on top of me it has more or less drowned me. I didn’t want this post to be about Taormina as it is a Wolfie boy post but her behaviour has been incredibly worse than I ever could have imagined. I don’t feel I came into this naively but even Queen of negativity couldn’t quite imagine what was to come. Taormina hasn’t coped at all with the adjustment recently and the reaction has been all manner of difficult behaviour, I touched on it a little in my other post about coping with two so I won’t go into it now. However, I’m happy to say that bar her sleeping which I don’t think will get better any time soon, she seems to be coming back round to her happy self and I am so relieved. I am feeling a lot more positive myself now and although I don’t think I’m completely out of PND I am having more good days than bad so all is getting better. I did write a post when I was not in a great frame of mind and I don’t think it’s appropriate to post that now but I may do someday.

Body: I’d say I’m all fixed when it comes to that lovely part Wolfie came out of which is great as I wasn’t there yet after Taormina. I must say I’m not much enjoying my post partum body but I don’t have much time to focus on it. I still look forward to reaching my goal weight and I won’t be too upset about my gaping tiger stretch marks. I have lost three stone so far which is good going so I have another two until I reach my pre pregnancy weight and another stone on top of that until my goal. I really need to work on getting my fitness levels back too!


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