Rolling around, being cheeky and maybe gaining weight.

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Weight: Wolfie weighs 13lb 6 and although he is still on the 2nd centile and shows no signs of creeping back up yet I feel like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel as he’s started pooing! This may sound a little odd but he has previously only gone once a week and is finally starting to have dirty nappies a couple of times a day which is such a difference. I am putting this down to getting more milk despite no sign of this in his weight has yet. All doctors have brushed off the not pooing as just something that some breastfed babies do but I knew it just wasn’t right as he would get in a lot of pain for a few days and this was from the very beginning. We will be weaning at six months so I’m intrigued to see what effect this may have and differences to Taormina.


Routine: Whatever scrap of a routine that was there is now completely gone. He often wakes up super early and gets exhausted but I can no longer put him down when he is sleeping at all which is all to familiar. Perhaps I should start noting down when he feeds and sleeps to see if there is any pattern and hope it all falls into place. Dream on Poppy! I am always known as awkward and clearly bear awkward but very cute children.


Feeding: Wolfie is still exclusively breastfed and I’m keeping everything crossed that he is going to start gaining some more weight soon. We still feed responsibly and he never really goes more than a couple of hours. He still feeds from 7pm to 6:30am with very few breaks which is delightful and can be fussy during day feeds due to his reflux. He is now on omeprozole for his reflux which I think has had some effect and I am interested to see what changes when he starts eating solid foods. I am going to start weaning him at the start of June so watch out for some posts on this. I will be doing baby led weaning for convenience and as I love the overall concept and will let you know how we get on with this. I am hoping we will start to get some more structure to the day once he is eating some solid food. I will continue to breastfeed for as long as possible.


Sleeping: As suspected this is a sore subject. Wolfie does sleep without too many issues and without screaming all night which was Taormina’s favourite thing to do but he is attached to my boob all night and I shan’t lie it is tiring. He sleeps this way as we were unable to put him down in his crib when he was younger due to reflux pain and feeding seemed to help him so this is what he is used to. I recently used the sleep tracker on my Fitbit and the results were disturbing, I think it’s best to not know how little sleep I get. Daytime sleep is getting worse as I am unable to put him down without spending a couple of hours trying which is totally impossible when Taormina is around so watch this space. Next month will probably be even worse! I am not changing his eating at night habits yet as I need him to get enough milk due to his slow weight gain but will be reviewing this once he is weaning so I can start cutting back slowly at night to increase his intake in the day. It is important to remember though that milk has more calories than what he will likely be taking in solid food at first.


Sizes: More or less the same as last month. Wolfie mainly wears 3-6 months but he’ll still wear the occasional 0-3 and 6-12 months as I try and get as much use out of everything as possible. I have nearly completed his 6-9 month wardrobe and he is starting to wear these now. He is wearing size 3 nappies which are getting a little small due to his length.


Milestones: Wolfie’s been blowing raspberries/spitting everywhere, which Taormina loves to copy (not so cute on a toddler), for around three weeks now. He also does a funny raspberry cry that goes a bit like ‘Brah brrrrrraaaah’ when he’s getting grumpy and knows he’s being cheeky as he laughs at himself. He also loves to do this while feeding which leaves me covered in milk and snot! We can’t stop him rolling around the room now, he even rolls off of his wedge mat and he seems to find his way to whatever he wants in a room. I’m in no hurry for him to crawl as I don’t know how I’ll cope with two very mobile young children! It’s hard enough already. He can also sit up unaided for varying amounts of time but is not very stable. He really enjoys sitting playing with his toys though. Wolfie still hates the car!




Mind: Last Month I mentioned Taormina seemed to be improving but although we have had a breakthrough with her sleep, she is again struggling with the attention split which takes its toll on me as my days are harder and longer and the mum guilt tightens it’s hold. I would say that overall I am doing better now and trying to enjoy them both and get out on lots of family days.  Felt a little like I lived in an alternative world for the first few months of his life and missed a lot by not being present. I would encourage anybody to reach out to somebody if you are not feeling yourself as I didn’t heed my advice and I regret that. I like to think I coming out of the other side and for me that always involves planning the future and having things to look forward to but I am also really concentrating on enjoying moments with my children.


Body: Hmmm.. after I’ve finished the last of the cupcakes Taormina and I made at the weekend I think I need to put a bit more focus into what I’m eating. As a vegan people expect me to be able to lose weight easily but news flash I don’t just eat carrot sticks, I eat a lot of cake too oops. I have started working out regularly again and am building up slowly as I dream of having a body a don’t want to hide when we eventually go on holiday. As for periods, I know they come back for a lot of people around six months due to weaning and mine have not yet returned but he is not eating solid food. I can’t say I am looking forward to it as that’s it for me until the menopause every month! I won’t be using any hormonal birth control as I don’t like the idea of messing with the reproductive function in the body so once they are back they are back for good ugh.

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