New YouTube Channel – How Far We’ll Go

Dan and I have launched our new family YouTube channel – How Far We’ll Go.

On our family channel, you’ll see vlogs, day in the life and travel adventure videos.

Our family consists of Poppy (Mum), Dan (Dad), Taormina (kid 1) and Wolfie (kid 2). We live in Kent with Skylar Cat and love travel, food, animals and nature.

Poppy is a stay at home mum.

Dan is an electrician.

Taormina is a whirlwind.

Wolfie is too cool for school.

None of us sleep!


Below is our family CHANNEL TRAILER.


I will also be posting videos from my personal channel – Poppy Reflects.

Dan will be posting videos from his personal channel – Dans the Word.



Please subscribe to follow our adventures.

We will be posting a new video every Sunday morning. Please make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a video.


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