Body Confidence Challenge

I’d love to say I have tips as I’m feeling swell about my body but the only swell is in my cankles. I’m at the final straw with not feeling great about my body, I’m currently sitting in misery, cupcake in hand, the day before another wedding. Finding a dress for a wedding or occasion is something that first excites me until I try things on and my husbands face says it all. We don’t have a proper mirror so I either have to stand on the toilet seat to peer in a small square mirror or rely on Dan. I feel so awful in any clothes I try on and until such occasion that I have to attend arises I hide in my gym clothes and don’t look in mirrors.

I’m again in a situation where I’m going to go emergency shopping the morning of the wedding as all my gorgeous ASOS┬ádresses look no better than sausage casing. I know so many beautiful women of all shapes and sizes that I always think look fantastic dressing for their individual shape. I just can’t seem to find anything that fits me. I’d love to see something I love and it suit me but nothing ever really does.

I am aware I had a baby 5 months ago but I am done baby making for good and feel it’s time to get the body I’ve always wanted. No more Oreo’s.

I would love to come onto my blog and write a post saying love your body, we are all beautiful women, but actually if there is something you can change to help you feel more confident I’m all for it! I’m not talking anything intense like surgery but if you can afford it and that tickles your fancy then cool. I’m thinking more along the lines of hair, weight, wardrobe etc. I’m a girl that needs goals, if it’s not in my bullet journal it won’t be happening any time soon so I want to have short term goals with a long term goal of feeling body confident in six months from now.

I would love for you to join me on this journey and I’d love to hear your insecurities, best features and goals. Below I’m going to write my three main changeable issues with my body followed by what I need to learn to love, my favourite parts (tough), what goals I have and how I am going to achieve them. I challenge you to do the same and hopefully we can report back to each other at the end of each month to see how we are doing! Your insecurities certainly don’t have to be weight related as like I said before many women look great all shapes and sizes and I hope you feel great about yours. It may be you have dry hair so you could implement a six month plan to recondition it by using less heat, more treatments and dedicating to a good trim. You might wish your feet looked good in sandals so get that file out, get the foot spa out the loft and buff those nails and you’ll be rocking a peep toe by summer.

My ‘quirks’

My ears – I must say I have learnt to love/accept these. My ears both look different and one has what looks somewhat like a nibble has been taken out of it. I don’t often wear my hair up due to this. One of my ears used to stick through my hair and still does sometimes. My mums ear does this too and I think it looks cute on her, pixie mumma. I don’t really mind my ears these days which is good as there is nothing to be done about them.

My eyebrows – One is higher than the other and a very different shape. It is very irritating and no amount of eyebrow shaping will counteract this one.

My mouth and teeth – My top teeth are fine but my odd issue is that when I talk you can only see my bottom teeth as I don’t really move my lips, freaky. I kind of wish I wasn’t pointing this out as now it will be really noticeable. My bottom teeth are a bit wonky so this is not cool. I’ve tried having a bit more expression when I talk which kind of helps but for the most but this is stuck for good.

”Be kind to yourself”

My hair – I have worked seriously hard growing this mane and I love it. It could do with an extra trim here and there but it is a perfectly low maintenance style. I wash it twice a week, curl it twice a year and dye it once a year. It rarely sees more than a quick brush but still looks pretty decent. It used to be a fried mess and I at one point would refer to my own head as a light bulb after an awful teenage hair moment. I’ve been trying to get it back to a good state for 10 years now and am finally there!

My Eyes – I like the colour of them and am often told I have nice eyes. I am struggling to come up with much here though!

My bum – It’s fricking huge! Anybody that knows me can verify my hips and arse are a joke but I can see potential. I know this is supposed to be a positive but I was struggling. So basically I have a huge butt that I think when trained could look peachy. Watch this space/butt!

Take Action

To Fix and Take Action List

My Shape – This will come as no surprise. I am a pear shape and I often brush this off as being the reason things don’t look nice but if I were a slimmer, fitter pear I have a feeling I wouldn’t have so much dread finding a nice dress for a wedding. I was closer to my ideal weight when I got married which I worked hard for and I also loved being fit. Carrying around less baggage in the form of fat makes life a lot easier for me! I gained so much weight with Wolfie and it’s not coming off anytime soon. A lot of people say I look good and I wouldn’t want to be a size 8 as it’s ‘too skinny’ but they would also tell a size 8 they look fantastic. I just want to be happy in my own skin and for me that means being a hell of a lot slimmer and also fit. I want muscles and toned legs, I’m always admiring a well squatted butt. I know all too well how to eat a healthy diet so time to stop eating a packet of Oreo’s a night and sort it out.

My makeupless face and hairy body – These are both time related and about the lack of love I show for my body and can also be said for my uncut nails.I love makeup, I feel it enhances my features and although everyone says natural is lovely I feel my best with a full face of makeup. The issue here, time. I don’t have time to do my makeup but I’m hoping this is an easy fix. I plan to tint my eyebrows and have a lash treatment towards the end of the six months to pull it altogether.

My boobs – I plan on breastfeeding a long time and until I stop I won’t feel that my body is truly my own but as this challenge is a 6 month fix I mainly just want to get out the saggy old milk stained bras and get myself some pretty underwear I can still feed in easily.

Please let me know how you feel about your body. Are you confident? I’d love us all to pull together and inspire each other to feel happy naked!

Thank you for reading, please do check out my video below for more information on my challenge.




  1. September 11, 2017 / 6:31 pm

    I love this post! I always try to promote body positivity in others – I’d hate to be the reason someone else was down on themselves. But when it comes to my body, there are surely things I need to work on. Like you said, getting back in the shape I used to be in is a big motivator. I remember how fulfilling it was to put in hard work both at the gym and with not giving in to cravings, and seeing good results after a while. Keep up the good work, and know that if you work hard, you will feel great about where your body is!

    • Poppy
      September 14, 2017 / 8:42 pm

      Thank you! Yes, I think it is so important to encourage each other to be confident. I am doing okay with my challenge, getting a personal trainer was the motivation I needed to stop eating oreos and I’m working out 5 times a week so I am hoping to see some results soon and in time for holiday! x

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