Newborn Essential Clothing Guide

I thought I’d do a little guide on what I would tell myself if I were having another baby next month in regards to what to buy and what really gets used.

I know I would have found this useful reading for both babies as there are so many items it can get confusing what to buy so I know certainly with Taormina I bought it all and definitely know some things worked out far better than others. I won’t get too much into brands here as that’s up to you but there is also a post I have done on some of our favourites and you can check that out here as there is nothing funnier than choosing cute designs for your bambino.

All the basics I will link to items that I bought and would recommend. The clothes that I would pick out of the drawer again and again rather than the ones they rarely wore are my best choices. I will do a guide for newborn and 0-3 month sizes as they are the sizes we tend to buy before baby arrives and by the time you are buying 3-6 months you will have gauged what styles best suit you and your baby plus need some more seasonal options.


Hats – I have a whole basket of the cutest matching hats and while I love them I have to admit I have only used a couple for matching outfits and they have rarely been the best fit for my average headed baby. However there is one bonnet by Pigeon Organics that although it is 3-6 months fitted well from a few weeks old. I have got the most use from this hat by far. So my advice here is just buy a couple of plain ones and maybe a matching one if you can’t resist as you never know what will fit. Also bear in mind the time of year as babies don’t need hats indoors and only if it’s chilly out. I would highly recommend the bonnet we have though and it comes in lots of lovely prints in super soft organic cotton so you can’t go too far wrong.

Scratch Mitts – If these are integrated on your sleepsuits this is seriously handy! Not many of mine were and actual scratch mitts are a complete nightmare to keep on. Taormina wasn’t a scratcher but I swear Wolfie has claws. So maybe buy one pack as you may not even need them and if they do the trick get some more once baby is born. We did persevere with them until I was putting them back on Wolfie ten times a night which is not what anybody needs. Socks work well but don’t look the best.

Socks – Buy thousands! Just kidding, but they do get lost a lot. I would recommend plain socks in neutral colours as they will match nearly all outfits and go for 0-6 months and not newborn as they wouldn’t even fit Taormina’s dolly (again though my kids do have huge feet and your baby’s may be tiny.)

Bibs – Just a few of these if you’re breastfeeding. You may find you need more if you have a sticky baby or feed them your expressed milk sometimes or you may never use them at all so just a couple of cute or neutral ones. If you are bottle feeding I imagine you would need quite a lot more.

Shoes – pointless until your baby can walk! They do look adorable with little outfits so totally this is complete preference but they serve no practical purpose.

Muslins– not strictly clothing but just wonderful for spills plus Wolfie adores cuddling them bless him. They may be predominantly for milk and baby sick but I recommend getting five or six large, good quality ones such as from a brand like Aden + Anais or these from Again I’m purely going for quality over quantity here. If you have a particularly messy baby you may like to add a cheaper pack of plain ones. First time around I had about twenty plain multipack muslins and would use them and chuck them on the floor to go in the wash whereas with Wolfie I get one out the drawer each day and that will be our muslin for that day. They are gorgeous prints and Wolfie likes to play with them a lot and I use it to mop up the dribble throughout the day. I just don’t see the need to have too many and would rather wipe up sick with something pretty than something that just looks like a dirty hanky.

Seasonal – If it is summer you will want to keep your baby cool and out of the sun so a bonnet or sun hat may be a good idea. If you are travelling somewhere particularly hot in the first few months UPF suits are fantastic to protect delicate skin and for peace of mind. If it is winter you may want a snowsuit. I would like to recommend a fairly thin and non puffy one as it is a nightmare trying to squeeze it on and the are unlikely to fully be in the elements unless you are somewhere particularly cold. This one from Hatley is fantastic and super snuggly and soft. I bought a thicker one in 0-3 months and just couldn’t squeeze him in it yet used a 3-6 Hatley suit from newborn as a wearable blanket which was perfect so you can get months of use out of it with foldover feet and hands.

Swimming – Both our babies swam as newborns and Splash About has everything you will need. They offer great quality and the award winning happy nappy that is essential for most swim schools and works as double protection alongside a disposable swim nappy. They also offer two main types of suit including a body warmer ideal for bigger babies and a fleece lined wetsuit which is fantastic for newborns and up to six months.


Babies come in all shapes and sizes but in my experience (long legged babies) my two didn’t get much use out of newborn clothes but I would still count them as essential for at least the first few days. Just don’t go mad! It is all a bit of a blur at first and trust me sleepsuits are the way forward. Once they get a little older go ahead and let loose on those special, pretty first outfits but here we will go basic.

Anything that doesn’t go over the head is a plus too and I found wrap style kimono vests were a must. H&M do fabulous organic cotton ones! You will likely find that there are a few newborn bits you are completely is love with so just get a couple of sleepsuits and dress baby in them over and over again for the short time they are diddy enough. There is no need to buy multipacks of newborn sleepsuits as they are unlikely to get enough use. A beautifully soft sleepsuit makes a perfect first/coming home outfit and I wouldn’t personally recommend a fancy outfit for this as they aren’t practical or comfortable.

5 x Sleeveless or short sleeved vests in a multipack
4 x Long sleeved wrap vests
3 x Sleepsuits you adore in newborn size
2 x Footless rompers to bridge the gap between newborn getting too short in the leg and 0-3 month being massive
2 x Sleepsuits in up to one month size again as a bridge size. M&S and Next sell this size

0 – 3 Months

Now your baby is growing faster than you ever imagined possible they will be entering their 0-3 month wardrobe so it’s time to put away your favourite newborn things and hope they stay in their next size bits a little longer. Unless your baby is a complete whopper you will get a good couple of months out of this size especially if you choose wisely. A lot of brands come up smaller in size and will fit best towards the beginning but will become tight on the toes a little quicker. I think it’s great if they always have a few items that fit perfectly.

John Lewis and Next have fabulous multipacks that have built in mitts and don’t come up particularly big so there will likely be the first sleepsuits your baby grows into in this size. Again I’m going to recommend not going multipack mad but if you aren’t that fussed about liking all the designs then they do work out great value.

Despite Wolfie being born during the Winter he runs hot a bit like a Wolf and often will only wear one layer which I wasn’t expecting. I don’t remember this with Taormina (summer baby) but generally she used to wear a pretty outfit in the day which probably wasn’t very thick. She always wore a vest underneath so I tended to get her just white as they were rarely seen but now I’ve noticed sometimes Wolfie will wear just a vest I prefer to get him some nicer ones. This is totally personal preference and you can get some lovely design on multipacks of vests too.

5 x Sleeveless or short sleeved vests in a multipack
4 x Long sleeved wrap vests neutral colours to match with leggings
3 x Leggings (check out my top clothing brands here for some beautiful options)
6 x Sleepsuits or footless rompers (perhaps a multipack of three plus three individual more premium ones you love. Some babies will better suit footed and others footless so have a variety. Bonds Baby like Wolfie is wearing in the image are worth a look.
1-2 x Cardigans (jumpers are not practical to pull over babies heads)

I hope you enjoyed this guide. I have seen a lot of newborn essential blog posts but discovered there is not much information on what clothing you will need and it is best not to go overboard with clothing they will never wear. Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any clothing recommendations below.








  1. September 5, 2017 / 7:31 am

    Great post – I mostly bought 3-6 and 6 -12 month clothing when my girls were babies. I think I only had three items that were newborn. They grow so fast and you end up with clothes that they never wore and that is still labeled. #TwinklyTuesday

    • Poppy
      September 14, 2017 / 8:44 pm

      Thanks for reading! Yes, they grow so fast. I still can’t believe it when I hold up newborn clothes that they were ever really that small. I’m currently selling a lot of it on eBay, only just letting go of my daughters newborn bits and she is three. x

  2. September 10, 2017 / 3:13 pm

    What a fab guide! We had to put Zach in scratch mitts all the time because he had really bad eczema but with Oscar, he has barely ever worn them! Same with muslins- Zach puked all the time but we hardly ever use them with Oscar! Totally depends on the baby! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    • Poppy
      September 14, 2017 / 8:49 pm

      Thank you! Yes it is amazing how different babies can be from day one, it is certainly not a one size fits all situation x

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