Inspiration and Tips for the Perfect British Winter Break

Do you know the best thing about going on an English holiday in the Winter?

You will never be disappointed with the weather! We expect grey skies, a little (or a lot of rain) and we pack our coats. It can be a let down when you plan a to spend a week in August in Cornwall for it to be chilly and rain everyday but when we change our attitude (and clothes) there is no need to rule out a Winter trip. In fact as a family it is one of our favourite times of year to get away on a short break either to bridge the gap between summer and festivities or in the January lull.

Here is some inspiration for getting away from it all this Winter!

Keep it simple

Why not head off to somewhere you know there will be a ton of fun for the kids, where everything is on your doorstep and if you’re still hankering after hot weather you may even find that too. I am talking about Center Parcs! There are always some great weekday rates available especially if you are looking at term time holiday. I’m a huge advocate for taking the kids out of school to beat the high prices and enjoy it all a little quieter. With Center Parcs Subtropical Paradise you could literally relax by the pool in Mediterranean temperatures every day if you wanted and then relax by a fire in your cosy lodge in the evenings. Other options for a family short break without any stress or planning is Bluestone in Wales and many other lodge or farm resorts around the UK that have a family focus.

Explore the Coast

Don’t rule out our beautiful coastline in the Winter, seeing the beaches and cliffs looking slightly more rugid and without hoards of merrymakers scattered around on deckchairs is always a real treat. We have had some of our best ever beach trips with the kids wrapped up from head to toe in snow suits and with Taormina unwilling to put her bucket and spade down.

Consider a Festive Trip

Prices soar in the week or so either side of Christmas and New Year but what more magical time than to rent a cosy cottage or even a grand castle with your family and enjoy a relaxed Christmas spending time together. I would love to do that this Christmas but I don’t think my luck is in as we’ll have just returned from Florida and the Bahamas. Can’t complain!

English History and Winter Markets

A quaint English town is always enjoyable in Winter, full of charm and hopefully the odd roasted chestnut. There is usually a lot going on around Christmas in towns around Britain and although a city break may not bring family friendly to mind it could actually be perfect. A lot of towns also have family friendly hotel chains with pools available so you can keep your trip in budget and get some downtime with the kids. Winter markets are magical affairs full of festivities and are bound to bring out the young in all of us.

Old Blighty

If a city break takes your fancy but you are looking for something more intense then look no further than London. Avoid the sweaty summer tubes and visit Winter Wonderland which is a must for everybody. Ice skating rinks are also dotted around the city amongst the usual attractions of the West End and museum exhibitions.

Head North

I hate to admit I have never visited Scotland and I would absolutely love to! The scenery is reminiscent of Canada and the natural beauty here is stunning. There are some wonderful family friendly, yet luxurious hotels offering all kinds of activities like Crieff Hydro or you could even rent a castle! My husband did this and had a wonderful stay.

Top Tips

Prepare for the roads

Even if you aren’t setting off on a mountain expedition it is important to respect the road conditions and the sometimes unpredictable weather. Just a small amount of surface water can make aquaplaning a possibility and driving in snowy conditions should be avoided wherever possible. Always make sure you give your car a thorough check over before every journey. I have been caught out with no screenwash while driving into morning sun and just had to pull over using an old piece of kitchen roll to clean it – not my finest moment. I literally could not see a thing and had to wait for the sun to rise further before I could even set off to buy screenwash.

Items worth checking also include oil and fluid levels, all of your lights and those all important tyres. It’s important to check the tread and condition of your tyres regularly. It may be worth considering getting winter tyres for your vehicle, especially if you will be doing a lot of driving. You can get your tyres in Preston & nearby areas at Point S tyres.

Pack the right clothes

There is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes. This has to be one of my favourite sayings as it is so true! Get those layers crammed in, who doesn’t love a good vest, a lot of thin layers are far better than one thick one and I think it’s important to add that extra base layer to kids as they can often be too busy to pull jumpers on and off when they are cold. Another little hack is to not only pack one coat for the children but also to pack a snowsuit/waterproof that can get as muddy and wet as the kids can manage. They can then wear their clean and dry coat if you are going for dinner in the evening or a mooch around the shops. It’s far easier to know you are all protected from the elements than have to keep going inside to get warm. That’s no fun!

Put the technology down!

We are all guilty of sending work emails or scrolling through social media when on holiday and it is far too easy when on a short break in Britain as there is often no shortage of Wifi or Mobile Data. How refreshed do you feel when returning from a week in the sun where the Wifi was too ropey to even go on Facebook? Step back, put your phones down and make some memories.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for your family Winter break. It is easy to forget that Britain is an awesome place to holiday no matter what time of year so stop limiting yourself to the Summer holidays and get exploring.

Where do you and your family enjoying visiting in the Winter months?


Disclaimer: Thank you to Point S tyres for sponsoring this post for road safety awareness . Creative content is my own.



  1. October 21, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    Love this! Some really great tips here, might show my partner to persuade him to stay in the UK for a mini break at some point! #KCACOLS

  2. October 21, 2017 / 9:26 pm

    Big fan of exploring the UK and packing clothes for every eventuality 🙂 #KCACOLS

  3. November 10, 2017 / 9:14 am

    I love exploring the UK but I’ve never done it in the Winter usually over the summer. But now I have a car again I should try to visit more places. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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