Toxic-free ways to clean your home when you have a baby

This week I am delighted to share with you a guest post from Demi who has been kind enough to share her wisdom on toxic-free, natural ways to keep your home clean when you have a baby.

Demi is a workaholic. She simply loves her job. As an owner of home cleaning company Ealing CleanStart EOT she strives to educate others about her passion – cleaning and organising. I am really happy to share her tips with you today and am starting to implement them in my own home. I will be writing a post soon on how I am swapping over the products in my home to more natural alternatives including, toiletries, make up, cleaning products and baby products.

When you have a baby, your home may appear to be a lot more cluttered, dirtier and messier than it used to. This is inevitable. You cannot prevent dirt from accumulating in every nook and cranny but before starting cleaning every possible surface, have in mind that using harsh chemicals when cleaning has numerous demerits. Harsh detergents can have negative effect on your baby’s skin, eyes, hair and more.

However, every parent out there should know that a balance between sterilised home and baby’s good health can be achieved. You only need to make some small changes and start performing more child-safe cleaning sessions. In the end your home will be well-maintained without exposing your little one to dangerous risks. For a bone-tired parent, this is a win-win situation – healthy baby and clean home without breaking a sweat.

What is actually dangerous about the household detergents? The cleaners which most of us use consist of harsh components. Yes, these products are very powerful against germs and stains, but they can also put your baby’s health in danger. Eczema, rash, allergies, skin and eye irritations are just part of the risks that threaten our little members of the family.

Here you can find some tips for baby-safe cleaning you may find helpful. There are many toxic-free ways to perform baby-safe cleaning. Protecting your baby and keeping your home clean does not mean that you should go berserk cleaning and scrubbing every nook and cranny existing.

Replace your harsh detergents with safer cleaners

Professionals advise to look for cleaning products that are less harsh and friendlier not only to skin but to the nature as well. Seek out for toxin-free and green cleaning materials. On some labels you can also read “biodegradable”, “ecological”, “disposable” or even “solvent-free”. Be precautious when you are choosing a detergent and always read the label! You will soon see what a difference it can make.

Less can become more

Did you know that most of the detergents can de diluted with water without decreasing their quality? Diluting your detergent is an easy step towards making the cleaning less harsh and less harmful for your baby. Have this in mind and try to execute it. Most people think that stronger detergents will cost more money. Well, if you dilute it, you will see that this trick can also save you money.

Leave the antibacterial soap behind

Even though antibacterial soaps and detergents are really popular these days, try to avoid them. A plain bar of soap in combination with water can also help you with high quality service to get your home rid of bacteria and germs. It has been proved that antibacterial detergent not only consists of ingredients bad for your and your baby’s health, but they also may increase the chance of resistant bacteria to come into existence.

Make your own safe cleaners

Please, do not think that this is something hard to achieve. Even the opposite. Here the advantage is that you know what exactly you put in and this trick can also save you money. For example, you can mix baking soda with a soap. Or you can dilute white vinegar. You will be amazed at how efficient this “detergent” can be!

Use a steam cleaner instead of sprays

Professionals came to the conclusion that carpet detergents consist of components that can deep stuff into a carpet. For a baby-safe and toxin-free cleaning, replace your spray-on detergent with a steam cleaners only with water.

Making yourself a master of these baby-safe ways of cleaning may not keep your home smelling as fresh as citrus (as the perfect cleanliness does not have any aroma) but surely has many benefits for your children’s health.


Thank you again to Demi for these awesome tips. It is scary to see what is in some of the cleaning products we use around the home; we recently swapped over to a couple of more natural brands and I feel much better knowing Tarmina and Wolfie won’t be so exposed to nasty chemicals.


How do you feel about keeping your home clean with your children? Have you explored any toxic-free natural ways to clean?



  1. April 29, 2018 / 3:44 am

    Hi Demi and Poppyreflects,

    May I mention the chemicals that you should be avoiding?
    Perchloroethylene can give you symptoms including nausea, dizziness, and sometimes fatigue. It can also cause liver and kidney damage. Naphthalene is popularly used by professionals and can potentially cause cancer. Butyloxy Ethanol – can cause kidney and liver problems.

    John Anderson recently posted…How to Shampoo Carpet without Carpet Cleaner MachineMy Profile

  2. June 10, 2018 / 7:05 am

    Finding ways to clean without toxic chemicals is a pain, thanks for the tips great article.

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