VOKSI Stroller Bag Review: Keep The Kids Warm This Winter

The winter weather this season has felt brutal. I am a Winter Baby and love all that it brings (other than perhaps January and February) so wrapping up warm and hygging the hell out of life is something that I enjoy a lot. This past Winter however we have been plagued with illness, free for only a few days at a time from sick bugs, sinus infections, coughs, colds, coldsores; you get the picture. Perhaps I am actually just a ‘Glory’ Winter lover. Hot chocolates by the fire, the man dressed in red and of course long crisp walks followed by long soaks in the bath. Well, so far my only soak in the bath has been with a tub of bath toys, two children and a bikini top to stop one of them harassing my breasts. But hey, I’ll take any bath I can get.

I am currently recovering from the latest sickness bug in bed and looking forward immensely to our (make up for the rest of this winter’s write off) holiday to Scotland next week. So I am all for the saying ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes’. On this trip I will be leaving no stone unturned when it comes to wrapping up warm. Seriously, seriously warm. Think base layers, ski pants etc.


I am guilty of being the crazy lady just out in my yoga leggings and vest and know I need to look after myself outdoors a little more. However, when it comes to the kids I like to know they are wrapped up, cosy and ready to explore without any hindrance from cold toes and frozen noses. On our return from Scotland I will be offering a guide to all of our Winter clothing but for now here is a review on the highly recommended VOKSI stroller bags that have been indispensable to us this Winter.

Sometimes I wonder if I was actually born into the wrong place and I was actually destined to be Scandinavian. I am somewhat obsessed with Scandinavian design and my love deepened when Wolfie was born to the point that most of the children’s clothes and general bits and bobs are from one of these beautiful countries.

You can imagine my delight at discovering the VOKSI range of stroller bags/footmuffs. I opted for the Design by VOKSI bags for both Taormina and Wolfie due to their gorgeous designs and overall suitability for the UK climate. They have a stroller bag to suit literally everybody and every climate from freezing mountains to a wonderfully mild spring with the beautiful Sky Light bags. Another awesome feature with a lot of their footmuffs is the ability to extend them for up to six years of use! The Design by VOKSI has been perfect for Taormina as it has been long enough for her to fit in comfortably and is recommended to approx three years.

The Design by VOKSI stroller bag is made with a super soft (and I mean soft) 100% cotton lining and it literally feels like a cloud. There are lots of varying colour options and I had a tough time choosing my faves but after much deliberation chose the smartly rugged Midnight Mountains and the twinkly Blue Northern Lights. We were not disappointed.



 Oeko-Tex Standard 100


The stroller bags have Oeko-Tex 100 certification on all the materials used right down to the zipper leaving total peace of mind that your baby is cocooned in warmth and free from any harmful chemicals. If you are unfamiliar with Oeko-Tex it is a worldwide recognised organisation promoting confidence in textiles and offering testing for harmful substances that may be in them. It is a great label to look for when buying any textile product particularly when buying for your baby or child. It inspires confidence in a brand when I am looking for a new product and is also a great sign of a brand that produces high quality products and concentrate on the details. Thumbs up for this VOKSI!


Universal Fit


Switching the bags between out two different prams has been done with total ease as there are various holes for the straps of your stroller to fit through. I had wondered if the bag would keep sliding down as our last footmuff was zipped in but I needn’t have worried as the bags have a few great anti slip strips on the back of them and really don’t move a bit.




Design by VOKSI stroller bags passed the sleep test! If you’ve followed me for a while you may know that my children do not sleep well, especially not in the same pram at the same time. It’s quite unheard of! So on our recent trip to Mersea Island in Essex Dan and I high fived and took some pictures of these little sleeping beauties before enjoying a peaceful walk and some chip shop chips in the quite frankly beyond chilly air. The 100% polyester filling feels similar to a snuggly duvet whilst still being lightweight and not at all bulky. The kids were both so snug and on checking they were a perfect toasty temperature, not too hot but not feeling the cold at all.


Adjustable Warmth


If your baby does fall asleep and the weather is warming up or you pop indoors it’s super simple to zip down halfway and secure the loops on the buttons either side with the two way zipper so they don’t get overheated. On particularly windy days we found it really useful to tighten the top of the bag with the drawstring and stop any windchill getting down inside the bag. There is a handy little pocket and flap to store this away so it doesn’t dangle down. Instead of removing the footmuff completely in the summer the top is completely detachable which is such a handy feature as in case I hadn’t mentioned already it is so so soft and comfy and the bottom is seriously cushy.


Playmat Alfresco


As the top is easily removable and even easily partially unzipped and splayed it is perfect to use out and about as a playmat for Baby. I found this especially useful if we were at a beach or dining alfresco and Taormina could run around and play while Wolfie had somewhere comfortable to sit and watch her run around while getting a little stretch from being in the pram. The stroller bag is easily machine washable so mud and food are no problem, just a sign of a great day out.



In summary the Design by VOKSI stroller bag is a high quality product with so much more versatility than your average pram footmuff and therefore in my opinion a great option with many years of use in it it. We’ve found it a great addition to our prams for both our baby and older toddler and would highly rate the brand to everyone looking for a thoroughly cosy option for their little explorers in both Winter and all year round.


Disclaimer: Thank you VOKSI for kindly providing us with these delightful Design by VOKSI stroller bags to review. All opinions are as always honest and my own.


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